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Welcome to UWatchIt.Net ,

a division of eCamSolutions, developers of internet-based digital camera applications. We believe today's technology is ready to provide remote viewing technology in a variety of everyday applications, from business, to construction, to real estate, and in the home. eCam Solutions is working to develop technology solutions best matched to each application.

UWatchIt.net is specifically designed for applications such as monitoring construction and remodeling sites; such that daily construction progress can be easily monitored and recorded. Through the UWatchIt.net network you can monitor your site 24/7, view real-time images, and receive email notification of detected motion.

June Lake Cabin

Prototype System Now Available...

UWatchIt.net has just entered its Technology Demonstration Phase with the release of this website and the remote digital internet camera technology to remotely monitor a job site. Please Contact eCamSolutions if you have an application you'd like to monitor using the UWatchIt.net remote monitoring network.

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